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Artificial Intelligence E-Sports Association

Who we are

Serpentine is an association focused on developing Artificial Intelligence. Based in Eindhoven, the team connects students, research and industry. Our main focus is to educate our members in developing algorithms, with which we participate in AI E-sports competitions. We aim to work on state of the art algorithms and share the knowledge and code we obtain in this process!

Why AI esports?

Esports has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years. Video games are aimed at making users excited about them and experience fun, which is an important aspect in competitions. By doing AI esports, the competitions become exciting to watch and the AI will be even more fun to develop.

The scientific value can be maintained, as problems in video games are often well relatable to problems in the real world. This creates a combination of excitement and scientific value, which is exactly what we, as Serpentine, want to participate in.

Current state of art

Take a look at our work!

Currently, we are reproducing state of the art algorithms and we are testing a set of environments to evaluate their effectiveness.

Our repository on github hosts a number of interesting projects for you to take a look at.

Our partners!

Flowserve is interested in our way of thinking and working. They are our first official partner. We would like to thank them and encourage you to find out what they do. Or just ask us of course, that’s just as easy!

We are proud partners of TU/e Innovation Space! We are now part of the community which boosts our team with positivity and fresh ideas! Click here to read more about Innovation Space.

VBTI is an AI consultancy and engineering company.
They share our passion for Artificial Intelligence and implementing new technologies. You can see how they put AI to work here!

We are always looking for people with a passion for Artificial Intelligence. Want to learn about AI and programming or do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Consider joining the team!

Contact us

Get in touch with us by mailing our team:

Matrix (Floor 1)
Building number 10, Parking P12
Het Kranenveld 12
The Netherlands